Tune in for a Chat with Viola Harris, Account Manager

Raven Garza on Jan 19, 2021

Welcome to our first Employee Spotlight in 2021! The Grocery TV squad grew considerably in 2020. This year, we'll continue to highlight our employees, both new hires and established staff, to learn more about their roles, perspectives, and what makes them stand out.

This month we're talking to Viola Harris, our Account Manager! She discusses her impressive history in account management and dives into some details about her role at Grocery TV.

Get a glimpse of her responses, and watch her full spotlight below:

Can you describe your experience with account management?

I've worked in the entertainment industry for multiple years. My previous roles at both SXSW and Live Nation were to make sure that sponsorships and their brands came to life.

I was also able to make a ton of friends with my accounts and clients. Account management is one of those things I kind of fell into but really, really enjoy.

What excites you about working with Grocery TV?

I think the main thing is being able to help retailers, vendors, and advertisers show up in a space that's not really being utilized for advertising. I love that we can introduce something new and exciting in retail stores.

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If you want to learn more about Viola or ask her any questions about her work at Grocery TV, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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