We help brands and retailers reach shoppers at pivotal moments.
We're helping brands grow in store

We believe that brands win when they can build mental and physical availability with their consumers. Grocery TV helps brands solve both problems by engaging cosumers with advertising directly at the point-of-purchase and automated out-of-stock prevention that ensures their products are available.

We're empowering retailers

Grocery is changing. Digital innovations are entering the physical world, and grocers that embrace them are thriving. Grocery TV uses new technology to solve decades-old problems like out-of-stock products and planogram compliance. Our devices also give grocers the opportunity to put in-store promotions in front of shoppers. And because we were founded by grocery industry veterans, our products are cost-effective and simple to use.

Meet our team
We're a team of engineers, designers, and grocery veterans with the shared goal of empowering grocers and brands with technology that grows their bottom line.
Marlow Nickell CEO
Donald Oelke CFO
Mike Pollack CRO
Kevin Chee Engineering
Dallas Griffin Data Science
Ashley Nickell Marketing
Jessalyn Thompson Finance
Courtney Branson People
Miles Camp Engineering
Kaveet Laxmidas Engineering
Natalie Nguyen Accounts
Nolan Johnson Ad Partnerships
Leah Smith Accounts
Katrina Green Data Science
Natalie Kayne Ad Partnerships
Marco Morin Operations
Tony Toledo Ad Partnerships
Landon Heaney Operations
Mina Park Design
Raven Garza Marketing
Simon Jackson Engineering
Micah Mills Marketing
Chris Lanier Operations
Laura Tyler Engineering
Samantha Kelly Ad Partnerships
Garrett Keeler Operations
Maylin Centeno Operations
Marc Galiano Ad Partnerships
Dave Brown Operations
Christina Keppel Retail Partnerships
Eden Liang Data Science
Ellen Okamura Design
Avery Shepherd Data Science
Matt Reese Data Science
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