We’re modernizingin-store marketing

Helping brands and retailers reach their shoppers

We’re making in-store retail media more accessible, scalable, and efficient. For retailers, we make it easy to start monetizing their stores and establish higher quality touch points with their customers. For brands, we provide access to massive in-store audiences in brand-safe retail environments, where they can launch campaigns similarly to how they do online.

Meet leadership

Our leaders are kind, engaged, and empathetic to our customers’ challenges. They bring extensive experience in startups, tech, and advertising.

Marlow Nickell


Jessalyn Thompson


Courtney Branson


Skyler Blattner

Retail Operations

Donald Oelke

Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Nickell


Dallas Griffin

Data Science

Our origin story

Grocery TV was co-founded by Don Oelke, Edward Cates, and Marlow Nickell.

The idea originated during a call between Don and his dad and uncle, Crest and Lance Oelke. Crest and Lance have over 40 years in the grocery industry, and own a company that manufactures the gum and candy fixtures located at the checkout. With the continuing decline in magazine sales, they saw an opportunity for new technology to step in and recapture customers’ attention.

After testing a prototype, Don connected with Marlow Nickell and his business partner, Edward Cates. Marlow and Edward were running a boutique software engineering firm, and seeking a challenge. The company took shape in 2016 and we’ve been growing our network, product line, and team since.

Looking ahead, we see a lot of green space to innovate in the grocery industry. We are energized by the opportunity to solve retail challenges with technology that not only increases business outcomes, but also fits into the grocery experience.