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Retail mediamade for thephysical store

Retail media is the second largest advertising medium with spend expecting to grow by 22.5% in 2024.1

Grocery TV helps retailers unlock this opportunity in their stores, while building a positive experience for shoppers.

1. Insider Intelligence

Step up your in-store marketing

Digitize and consolidate in-store marketing, so that shoppers have a more cohesive experience from the moment they step into your stores to when they check out.

Modernize the store with high impact, dynamic displays that reduce clutter

Engage shoppers with a mix of retail marketing, entertainment, and brand advertising

Leverage displays designed for the specific needs of different in-store locations

Seamlessly manage your in-store content

Easily launch and monitor marketing campaigns across your store in the GTV Content Management System.

View your campaign schedule across stores

Run campaigns based on different parts of the store

Track campaign metrics such as reach and impressions

Increase demand for products sold in your stores

Unlock incremental revenue

Attract national budgets by allowing brands and media agencies to tap into your in-store audience.

Make it easy for major brands to activate in your stores through our integrations with major demand-side platforms (DSPs)

Leverage our team of media experts to do the work of driving revenue to your stores

Simplify the process of getting new stores and displays online

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Build a positive shopper experience with digital content designed for the grocery store

Grocery TV is an end-to-end solution

From installation to content management, and everything in between, we provide a fully-managed service covered by advertising revenue.


We help you select, procure, and install all equipment needed in order to stand up your digital in-store network.


Our centralized Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily manage display content.

Operations & Engineering

Our team manages network operations to ensure your displays run reliably.


Sales, account management, and measurement teams unlock national brand spend and DSP integrations.

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