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Boosting sales in the grocery store

We ran two Mars Wrigley campaigns featuring Twix and Snickers to test whether our advertising network boosted sales.

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Grocery TV ran an experiment to determine how much our advertising medium could affect sales lift for brands.

Campaigns for Snickers and Twix ran on Grocery TV’s front-end displays in 27 AFS grocery stores in Utah from June to December 2018.

After the campaigns were over, we compared sales data between control stores and advertising stores to determine sales lift for each brand.

study details

We conducted a regression analysis with the sales data from the two products over the course of 7 months. We controlled for the following variables to limit their influence on the results.

Seasonal Fluctuations
Product Sales Velocity
Store Traffic

Sales lift for Snickers in test vs. control stores


Sales lift for Twix in test vs. control stores


Overall sales lift for both Mars-Wrigley products

Why grocery tv?

Boosting sales for in-store products

When considering various advertising channels, brands have specific goals in mind such as increasing brand awareness or lifting sales. They view advertising channels as impactful touch points along the shopper marketing journey with different success metrics.

For in-store marketing activities, brands are often looking for sales lift, which is why we conducted this study.

Why is Grocery TV a good fit for in-store brands looking to increase sales?


Grocery TV engages customers at a key moment in the shopper marketing journey — the point of purchase.


Our motion-activated displays only show advertisements when a customer is present.


We work hand in hand with brands to achieve their marketing and merchandising goals. We track key metrics such as engagement, impressions, and reach in real time for advertising campaigns. Additionally, we provide a way for brands to track their out-of-stock and planogram compliance, so their products are always available for purchase.

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