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Achieving Sales Lift with a Brand Equity Campaign

Hershey ran an Ice Breakers campaign to test the effectiveness of brand equity campaigns in increasing sales.

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Hershey ran an Ice Breakers Ice Cubes campaign to test the effectiveness of brand equity campaigns in generating sales lift for a core brand.

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The campaign ran in grocery stores across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, and Arizona for 3 months.

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A regression analysis was used to determine the estimated sales lift from the ad playing in a set of test stores versus a set of control stores. This regression also controlled for convoluting factors like price, seasonality, and store foot traffic.

study goal

Hershey’s primary goal with the Ice Breakers campaign was to test the effectiveness of brand equity advertising for a core brand in the gum category.

In addition to their primary goal, they also wanted to understand if “halo” effects occur for different products within the same brand. For example, for the Ice Breakers gum campaign, they wanted to understand its effect on Ice Breakers mint products that weren’t directly advertised.

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Sales lift for Ice Breakers Gum

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Sales lift for Ice Breakers Mints

Why grocery tv?

Increasing brand equity through repeat visibility

Brand equity is the value a consumer gives a brand. Brands build it by maximizing visibility, running campaigns to encourage consumer loyalty, and developing a consistent identity across marketing channels.

Equity-focused campaigns often prominently feature the brand, so that consumers have opportunities be consistently exposed to it.

Why do brands use Grocery TV to maintain or boost brand equity?


Grocery TV’s location at the checkout in grocery stores gives brands consistent visibility over time. Grocery stores are the highest traffic retail environment with shoppers visiting on average 1.6 times a week. Additionally, the checkout is where the greatest amount of idle time is spent in stores.


Equally important to consistent exposure is the quality of the advertising channel. As a premium touch point in a trusted, brand-safe environment, Grocery TV upholds the quality of a brand’s image.


Brands can easily test different equity campaigns through Grocery TV’s flexible software platform.

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Grocery TV provides brands with the unique ability to reach our shoppers and drive purchase behavior right at the pay point. In an environment where shoppers only have a few moments to decide whether or not to make an incremental purchase, Grocery TV can make a big difference.

AJ Thomas Strategist The Hershey Company

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