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Case Study: CPG

Lifting sales for blueberries at the grocery store

The brand worked with Grocery TV to remind shoppers about the benefits of blueberries and encourage them to make a purchase.

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  • 17.6%Sales lift


  • Sales lift


  • CPG

The campaign ran in grocery stores across 86 DMAs including New York, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Des Moines, and Dallas-Fort Worth for 6 months.

The results


Sales lift

Other key results

  • 18.5MPlays
  • 37.3MImpressions

A regression analysis was used to determine the estimated sales lift from the ad playing in a set of test stores versus a set of control stores. This regression also controlled for convoluting factors like price, seasonality, and store foot traffic.

Why Grocery TV?

Boosting sales for in-store products

CPG brands use Grocery TV to reach audiences in the highest traffic retail environment, making it easy for everyday products to maintain regular visibility, encourage impulse purchases, and influence future shopping decisions.


Grocery TV’s displays are located in highly trafficked areas of the store giving brands consistent visibility over time. Grocery stores are also the highest traffic retail environment with shoppers visiting on average 6.4 times a month.1

1. Statista


When it comes to delivering the right message in the right place, Grocery TV offers CPG brands the advantage of reaching their customers where their products are actually sold.

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