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Case Study: Telecom

Achieving a 35% brand lift for a new streaming product

An established wireless network provider leveraged Grocery TV's in-store digital advertising to raise awareness during a product launch.

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  • +35%Brand lift


  • Brand lift


  • Telecom

The campaign ran for two months in suburban stores in New York during the initial reveal of their product.

The results


Brand lift

Other key results

  • 15M+Impressions
  • 53.2%Ad recall lift
  • 22.1%Brand favorability lift
  • 34.8%Consideration lift
  • 12%Overall product awareness lift

A standard lift analysis was used to compare survey responses between 2 groups: exposed group (shoppers in New York who saw the ad) and the control group (shoppers in Philadelphia who didn’t see the ad).

Why Grocery TV?

Maximizing product launch impact

Grocery TV’s network amplifies the visibility of new products, creating frequent touchpoints to engage household decision-makers.


Seamlessly adjust creative content throughout campaigns to ensure that deals and messaging remain timely and relevant from pre to post-launch.


Grocery TV's advanced targeting capabilities allow brands to target based on geography, demographics, and proximity to other types of retail, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

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