Connect with millions of shoppers during their daily routine

Grow brand awareness with premium place-based advertising that reaches household decision makers across the country.

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Real world impact with the ease of digital planning

Engage your audience with dynamic video advertising in high-traffic retail. Ensure your ads always reach a shopper with AI-verified impressions.

Target your audience

Reach household decision makers with contextual creative. Define audience targeting based on demographics such as age, ethnicity, and lifestyle.

Leverage quality locations

Advertise across key DMAs in the checkout aisles of high traffic, brand-safe grocery stores with an average dwell time of 4.5 minutes.

Gain verified impressions

Our AI-enabled camera technology ensures that your ads are only played when a shopper is present. Track your campaign performance in real time.







Easily launch programmatic advertising campaigns

Grocery TV is integrated with all major supply-side platforms (SSPs), so that advertisers can access our network on demand-side platforms (DSPs).

See how our partners are achieving success

Drive awareness, increase sales, stay top of mind with customers, and more— all on Grocery TV.

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Achieving Sales Lift with a Brand Equity Campaign
Building Excitement Before and After a New Product Launch
March of Dimes
3 Nonprofits Use Grocery TV to Reach their Community

Learn more about our network

Our media kit includes an overview of the Grocery TV network, retailers we’re partnered with, common use cases, and more.

Media Kit

Industries that advertise with us

Grocery TV helps each business reach their community in a way that’s engaging, targeted, and measurable.

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