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How Brands Can Better Reach Hispanic Audiences with Digital In-Store Advertising

How Brands Can Better Reach Hispanic Audiences with Digital In-Store Advertising

The Hispanic market presents a wealth of untapped potential, boasting impressive buying power and a growing influence in mainstream culture. With a population of over 63 million and growing, it's not only the largest minority group in the US but also one of the fastest-growing consumer segments.

Despite possessing a staggering $2.8 trillion in buying power, equivalent to the world's fifth-largest economy, these consumers often remain underrepresented in traditional brand marketing strategies. The inability to effectively connect with this culturally rich and diverse demographic means many brands are missing out on significant growth opportunities.

With Hispanics already an integral part of mainstream American culture, not incorporating a multicultural marketing strategy could leave brands trailing behind their more inclusive competitors. By offering culturally relevant content in the proper context and in the language they prefer, brands can drive deeper engagement and foster a stronger connection with this audience.

Digital in-store advertising provides an effective and impactful way to reach Hispanic audiences at the center of their communities where they shop every week–in brick-and-mortar grocery stores.

This article will explore insights into Hispanic consumer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores, how to effectively reach this demographic with digital in-store advertising, and share best practices for creating high-impact creative that resonates with Hispanic audiences.

Insights on Hispanic in-store shoppers

When shopping in-store, Hispanic consumers have distinct preferences and behaviors that set them apart from other demographics. Understanding these nuances is essential for brands looking to target this audience effectively.

Here are some key insights to keep in mind for your Hispanic-focused campaigns:

  • Hispanic consumers prefer shopping in-store: Hispanic shoppers prefer in-store experiences over online shopping, with the majority stating a preference for the tactile experience of browsing products in person. They value the opportunity to interact with products in the aisles, seek recipe or meal suggestions, and obtain product information.
  • They are cost-conscious shoppers: Hispanic shoppers are cost-conscious shoppers, with over half stating that they visit multiple stores to find the best deals. This insight is crucial for brands to consider when targeting this audience, as offering discounts and promotions can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.
  • But spend more on grocery items: Despite being value-driven shoppers, Hispanic shoppers spend significantly more on food than non-Hispanic shoppers, making them a highly valuable demographic for grocery brands. By understanding their price-conscious shopping behaviors, brands can create targeted campaigns and promotions that resonate with this audience.
  • They are tech-savvy: Most Hispanic shoppers use digital apps to search for recipes, create shopping lists, or research local events, whether shopping online or in-store. Through targeted digital ads at the point of purchase, brands can engage with this tech-savvy audience.
  • Hispanic consumers are open to personalized ads: Hispanic shoppers are more accepting and receptive to targeted advertising than other demographics. They appreciate relevant offers and customized messaging that directly speaks to their needs and preferences.

Reaching Hispanic consumers where they shop

Brick-and-mortar stores are essential to the customer journey, accounting for roughly 85% of retail sales. With more Hispanic shoppers preferring to shop in-store, brands have the opportunity to connect with them in an environment that is tailored to their needs. By leveraging the power of digital in-store advertising in grocery stores, brands can launch multicultural marketing campaigns that authentically reach Hispanic audiences.

Here are some key benefits of using digital in-store advertising to reach Hispanic audiences:

Maximize influence at the point of sale

It may go without saying that when someone is in a grocery store, they plan on making purchases. Because people are in a buying mindset in stores, research has shown that they have a more positive perception and likelihood to pay attention to in-store advertising compared to other channels.

When you couple this with the value Hispanic consumers put on the in-store experience, there’s a clear opportunity for brands to reach this key demographic where they’re likely more open to advertising.

While endemic brands have the obvious benefit of advertising close to where they’re sold, non-endemic brands can leverage in-store advertising to get in front of shoppers while their wallets are out. For financial institutions in particular, research shows that Hispanic consumers, along with other ethnic minority groups, face more significant barriers to accessing and utilizing banking products. Financial firms looking to bridge the gap with Hispanic consumers can leverage digital in-store advertising to educate them on the benefits of their products in grocery stores where they’re regularly spending money.

Engage consumers with contextually relevant messaging

Targeting enables brands to deliver dynamic, real-time messaging with contextual ads. In the setting of a brick-and-mortar store, this might mean delivering ads for meal ingredients when a customer is in the grocery section, or promoting household cleaning products when they are near the home goods aisle.

The power of targeting lies in its ability to take this strategy a step further, by tailoring the ad content to the individual shopper's preferences and behaviors. Brands can display different creatives depending on factors like store location, time of day, or even weather conditions. By tailoring the ad creative to the local audience, brands can create dynamic messaging that resonates with the Hispanic audience and increase campaign effectiveness.

Target Hispanic shoppers in culturally relevant stores

Target Hispanic shoppers at the local, regional, or national level via demographics, Spanish-speaking, or selecting specific Hispanic-focused retailers.

Brands can leverage high-impact displays in brand-safe grocery stores that cater to Hispanic communities, ensuring their messaging is seen in a trusted and culturally relevant environment. ​​Much like how advertising on a channel like Telemundo ensures a higher probability of reaching the right people, Hispanic-focused grocers cater specifically to this demographic, offering an avenue to directly engage with this audience. Brands can target specific stores and geographic areas in the top Hispanic DMA's like Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami.

Grocery TV’s (GTV) audience over-indexes on the Hispanic demographic through partnerships with leading Hispanic-focused retailers such as El Rancho, Cardenas, and Fiesta Mart. These retailers specialize in serving the Hispanic community, creating an environment where Hispanic culture, tastes, and preferences are the norm, not the exception. This focus on Hispanic audiences allows brands to reach consumers in a trusted, culturally relevant setting and enhances the probability of their messaging being received positively.

Measure and optimize campaigns in real-time

Analytics are crucial to understanding campaign performance and optimizing for success. With digital in-store advertising, brands can measure the impact of their in-store advertising efforts in real-time, optimizing campaigns for better results.

With our 3rd party measurement partnerships, brands can define campaign objectives and track performance across the funnel. The potential for measurement across the sales funnel is significant, offering opportunities for brand lift, traffic conversion, and sales lift.

Brands also have the chance to test different creatives, for example, comparing the effectiveness of Spanish vs. English creative. By running advertisements in both Spanish and English, brands can compare their performance and understand which messaging resonates more with their audience. This level of granularity in targeting and measurement can drive a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and help brands make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Best practices for creating high-impact creative for Hispanic audiences

Content on GTV's network that was created for Hispanic audiences

Creating culturally relevant and impactful messaging that resonates with their values and interests is essential to engage with the Hispanic audience effectively. Here are some best practices for creating high-impact digital in-store ads targeted toward the Hispanic audience:

  • Be culturally relevant: To effectively engage with Hispanic consumers, it's crucial to understand their culture and values. Keep up with current events and cultural trends that interest the Hispanic audience. Incorporate these into your creative to make it more timely and relevant.
  • Speak their language: 89% of Hispanics prefer to consume content in their preferred language. Use Spanish in your creative if it aligns with your target audience. However, be mindful of dialects and local nuances.
  • Inclusivity and diversity: Half of Hispanic consumers say they are likelier to buy when ad creative is inclusive. Keep in mind that the Hispanic community is diverse and includes various subcultures. Ensure your ads feature diverse and inclusive representations of the Hispanic demographic.
  • Understand your audience: Use research and data to understand the Hispanic demographic, behaviors, and preferences. Data can help you tailor your messaging and targeting for maximum impact.
  • Test and optimize: Continuously monitor campaign performance and make necessary adjustments to improve effectiveness. Test creative variations, targeting strategies, and messaging to understand what resonates best with the Hispanic audience.

Case study: How a wireless brand achieved a 5% brand lift with GTV targeting Hispanic shoppers

An established wireless network provider leveraged GTV’s digital in-store advertising to grow brand awareness and recall with Hispanic communities across the U.S. For an in-depth look at their approach and the results, check out the case study.

Grow your brand's reach with GTV

Targeting the Hispanic audience is crucial for brands looking to expand their reach and drive sales. With in-store advertising becoming increasingly relevant and effective, leveraging Grocery TV's DOOH capabilities can help brands reach the Hispanic demographic at a critical touchpoint – while they are actively shopping.

By following best practices for creating culturally relevant and impactful messaging, brands can effectively engage the Hispanic audience and achieve significant results with their campaigns. With advanced targeting and real-time analytics, GTV offers a powerful solution for brands looking to tap into the growing Hispanic market.

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How Brands Can Better Reach Hispanic Audiences with Digital In-Store Advertising

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